A Love Letter to Daft Punk.

I remember the exact moment I discovered you. The exact date. 19th May 2014. I was in Kota. It was early morning. I had gotten some calls. My parents, calling to sing “Happy Birthday” to me, surprised that I was up so early.

I hadn’t slept all night.

There was an exam the day before. And my parents would get the results via a text later that day. The thought of it hadn’t let me rest for a moment. I had about a thousand songs in my feature phone, the only things keeping me company through the night. I wouldn’t…

Source : https://www.kairos.com/blog/face-detection-explained

Face Verification is a task of identifying a person by using a source such as an image,video, or a camera feed of their face. There are various methods of face verification, depending on how we analyse and extract features and facial patterns from an image. This task can further be broken down into three subtasks : Face Detection, Feature Extraction, and Classification.

Face Detection

Face detection involves detecting the bounding box that contains the face in a given image. …

Abhishek Kumar

Passionate and hardworking AI/DS enthusiast. Works well in a high pressure environment. Seeking an opportunity to explore and develop as a Data Scientist.

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